Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jamison needed rest; he'll get it

Let’s not jump off of the bridge with the Wizards latest injury to Antawn Jamison. Sure, the diagnosis reported by the Washington Times of 2-8 weeks sounds dismal. But it’s not the end of the world. Plus, my sources are saying 2-4 weeks.

Even if Jamison is lost for an extended period of time don’t look for the Wizards to do much slumping. In fact, the loss of Jamison at this point in the season is ideal is some ways.

First, Eddie Jordan would be able to get valuable minutes to his second team. The Wizards have been on such a high horse that Jordan has been reluctant to upset chemistry. This has caused guard Donell Taylor and post players Andray Blatche and James Lang to see increasingly less minutes. With a lead in the East and two weeks to spare Jordan has a rare mid-season opportunity to gain maturity.

The next two weeks start out with tonight’s January closer at Toronto. Following tonight’s game the Wizards will be at home for 13 consecutive days, playing in just 4 games. Two games are against lesser opponents Seattle (17-28) and Portland (19-27). The other two are against San Antonio (32-14) and Los Angeles (27-18), two fairly decent teams.

Playing San Antonio and L.A. now is an advantage. Both teams will come to the Verizon Center heavily favored. If that’s the case then Agent 0 could have his best stretch of season. Gilbert Arenas thrives off adversity!

The on-court X-Factor won’t be the only advantage tilt. Verizon Center attendance is higher than it’s been in over 5 years. Last year the fans were like day old Ramen noodles that wouldn’t move unless the bowl was broken. It was almost like they didn’t understand the game.

This season, Arenas’ chef specials are exactly was D.C. likes. Fans aren’t just in the building for giggles and story-time anymore. The enjoy it, the feed off it, they’re loving it live!

The intensity in the Verizon Center is enough to alter ball games. The heavily biased atmosphere is also a calming agent when developing younger players.

In reality, counting the All-Star break the Wizards play just 6 games over the next 21 days. My math says that’s three weeks with few opportunities to suffer damage.

The team is evaluating Jamison today. They’ll evaluate swelling and pain before taking an MRI tomorrow morning.

Until the results come back on Saturday the Wizards won’t have an accurate timetable for Jamison’s return. It is what it is. You hope for the best and pray for the rest.

Most would figure the rest to be Arenas and company. Most would be going for the safe money. My bet is that Caron Butler will earn his All-Star spot over the next four games.


At Friday, February 02, 2007 1:30:00 PM, Blogger Sami Ghazi said...

If anything, Jamison's injury might make it even more imperative for the team to play tighter defense. It's not a given that the bench players will be able to replace his scoring, and everyone knows how much the team depends on scoring from each member of its All-Star trio.

So it could very well be harder for the Wiz to outscore their opponents - winning 115-110 might not be quite as feasible for the next few weeks, so playing D becomes even more crucial. It could steel them pretty well for a deep playoff run.

At Friday, February 02, 2007 2:07:00 PM, Blogger Unsilent Majority said...

It's going to be interesting/terrifying to see what Eddie does with the rotation tomorrow night. How much do you truly expect Darius to play at this point?

At Sunday, February 18, 2007 9:07:00 AM, Blogger George K. Croom Jr. said...

Sorry for taking so long to get back with you. Darius, as you see, isn't a factor right now. He'll be a non-factor as long as he is on the mend himself. Eddie Jordan has the pieces he needs those pieces just need to do what they do.

Songaila's injury is particularly difficult because it's his back. I don't know if you've ever had a back injury but isn't something that you just snap back from. Don't look for Songaila to be right until next season...


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