Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Don’t let the smooth taste fool you. What you’re seeing with the Wizards is a team that neither declined nor improved during the off-season.

What we’ve heard is that the defense is better, that the offense should be more fluid and Brenda Haywood grew chest hair to compliment the stubble under his chin. None of which has proven to be consistent – FACT!


The defense is below average. On occasion there is a glimpse of greatness, but overall “BIG D” hasn’t been as advertised.

My Issue

This team doesn’t know that they’re bad. Caron Butler used the phrase, “We played great defense tonight,” close to seven times after giving up 117 to the Celtics. WHAT!?!

I couldn’t believe it. It’s like saying that my little sister can accurately recreate a Picasso. HE CAN’T BE SEEING WHAT EVERYONE ELSE DOES. Even worse is the fact coach Eddie Jordan and Antawn Jamison are the only ones that take issue with the miscues.

I’m all for huge offensive numbers. No problem. If a guy wants to drop 81, cool! A team wants to average 120 points per game, even better. What I hate is USDA Choice Porterhouse offense with a side order of wet paper and noodle sandwich defense, especially when the packaging and promotion suggests a top notch, five-course meal.

There is no reason for the organization to play “I Fooled You.” Tell us like it is. We don’t play defense because we don’t like to, and we’re cocky enough to believe that our top three players will score a combined 90 points per game.

Whatever it is I hope that they believe in it. Sometimes confidence can hold you over. What they’ll realize, eventually (I hope) is that the truth shall set you free.


There is a more fluid flow to the offensive side of the ball. The Wizards have the talent to demoralize teams night in and night out by consistently scoring over 100.

The bench is deep and the players are supporters of a shoot-first approach. What makes it so bad is that Jordan caters to the mentally flaccid attitude of his team.

But how can the players say that they expect to win on a nightly basis without playing defense?

Sorry to go back to the ‘D’ word.

Statistically, theoretically and realistically the Wizards can’t afford to score over 100 every night and continue to win. I don’t say this because they can’t, because they’re capable, they just need to take personal ownership on both sides of the ball.


He’s tall. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Yet the expectations of him are completely off-base.

We can’t expect Brendan Haywood to be a triple-double performer like he was at UNC. We can’t expect Haywood to block three shots a game like Ben Wallace or have passing ability like Wes Unseld. None of that is realistic or fair. The only thing that we can ask is that he box out, take smart shots and not hurt himself until the team finds something better.